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Entry #1

C'mon Tom !!

2008-05-01 21:44:42 by superunknownguy

Put The PIco Day results already !!!!!!!!!!!!!1


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2008-05-01 21:45:28

I'm waiting for them too.

superunknownguy responds:

SO ??


2008-07-22 07:01:04

To quote you:

"The Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the world's largest and most powerful particle accelerator to date, may be considered as one of mankind's greatest achievements when it becomes fully operational on August 7th. Many also fear that it may very well be mankind's doom. Start her up, and scientists have confirmed the slight possibility of a black hole being created.

Black holes are just one of the many fears that were put forward with the construction of the LHC. The huge machine (17 miles in circumference) was made to bang particles together. Ok, not just bang. SMASH. Like Hulk smash, only with the power of as much as 14 trillion electron volts. These collisions are meant to produce mini-versions of the Big Bang."

Yes but even if this unlikely event occurs the likelihood of these black holes lasting long enough to be a potential threat to anyone is minimal. The most probable outcome is that they will simply vaporise into the air almost instantly. Besides, we may find the Higgs boson. Yay!